Lucas Walker

Goleta, CA · Seeking to relocate to Michigan · [email protected]

Experienced Systems Analyst and Administrator with a history of working in the information technology and university research support. Skilled in Linux/Windows System Administration, Network Administration, Technical Support, and Web Development. Proficient in multiple programming languages including Python, PHP, and BASH, Javascript, CSS, with a willingness to learn and work with additional languages. Strong professional with a BS in Computer Network-System Administration from Michigan Technological University.




Provided IT support for university researchers, focusing on the administration of their servers and software, including virtual machine management, website administration and development, and software management and troubleshooting. Led software release processes for web development, ensuring high-quality and up-to-date deployments.

  • Provided constructive assistance to researchers on their systems and web development.
  • Developed and maintained Drupal and WordPress websites.
  • Administered a multi-subnet network stack.
  • Created and updated detailed technical documentation, ensuring clarity and comprehensibility for users.
  • Architected and administered servers in a local cloud environment
  • Managed system security measures, regularly updating tools and assessing potential vulnerabilities.
September 2018 - Present

Web Services Admin

Impulse Advanced Communications

Managed web hosting accounts, internal DNS setups, and server infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Provided customer support via tickets and phone calls for various web services and issues. Led and contributed to system projects, including server optimizations and configurations. Conducted routine and ad-hoc Windows Server updates for managed client servers. Participated in an on-call rotation to address urgent technical challenges and execute complex troubleshooting tasks.

May 2017 - September 2018

Front End Developer

Monte Consulting

Served as a Front-End Developer, focusing on creating and maintaining websites using Drupal and WordPress. Utilized Git for version control to ensure code integrity and enable efficient team collaboration. Involved in the entire web development lifecycle, from initial concept to deployment. Worked closely with designers, developers, and a project manager to implement responsive and user-friendly interfaces.

May 2014 - December 2016


Michigan Technological University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Networking-System Administration
May 2014


  • Linux/Windows System Admin
  • Linux/Windows/MacOS Desktop Support
  • VMWare/OpenNebula Virtual Machine Hypervisors
  • Technical Support/Documentation
  • Network Administration
  • Web Administration
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  • Office 365
  • Kubernetes/Docker
  • CMS/CRM/Drupal/Wordpress
  • CI/CD
  • GIT
  • Ansible
  • Python, BASH Scripting
  • PHP
  • Front/Back End Web Development
  • Javascript


I'm a tech enthusiast who's always on the hunt for the latest innovations in software and hardware. Keeping up with technology trends not only feeds my professional growth but also satisfies my inherent curiosity.

Outside the realm of ones and zeros, I'm an avid camper and nature lover. Exploring national parks offers me a fresh perspective and recharges my batteries. My interest in the great outdoors complements my tech-savvy lifestyle by providing a much-needed balance. In my downtime, I pick up my guitar and let the music flow. Playing guitar serves as a creative outlet and helps me unwind after a challenging day.


This website is built using Flask and HTML/CSS. It's containerized with Docker and the images are stored in Google's Artifact Registry. Initially, Kubernetes was used for orchestration as a proof of concept, but due to costs, it's currently not in use. Gunicorn is the WSGI server making it production-ready. The site runs on a Google Cloud VM and uses Google Cloud's DevOps tools for easier management and deployment. It's accessible via a custom domain.